Landscaping Services


design &

From a more manicured traditional aesthetic to the planned wildness of a cottage-style garden— and anything in between— we can create a landscape that fits both your personal taste and the unique conditions of your site.

We'll be with you every step of the way, from hearing your first ideas to installing the last plant.

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Our employees are experienced in working with and caring for our native plants and environments. We manage our landscapes with low-impact, environmentally-friendly techniques that focus on tidying and hand-weeding to eliminate pest plants and keep gardens neat.

While we specialize in native plants, we also apply this approach to managing both traditional and transitioning layouts! 


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Invasive plant


Springer Environmental grew out of a concern over invasive species; control and eradication is a major part of focus on environmental stewardship. Our workers are skilled in identifying and removing exotic pest plants.

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Clean up sessions

These half-day or full-day sessions go more in-depth than everyday maintenance, and are needed less frequently. With an intense focus on detail, a clean up is perfect to bring out your garden's full potential.

A clean up session is a great way to prepare for a special event, highlight a peak bloom period, or just enjoy your garden to its fullest.

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consulting & supplies

Are you one of the many people who want to be more Florida-friendly, but prefer to do the hands-on work yourself? We can help!

We offer design services, stock native plants and materials like pine straw mulch, and can even source and order hard-to-find plants.