Springer Environmental grew out of a traditional landscaping service as we became more aware of our impact on the natural ecosystems we love.

our mission

     We are committed to building and maintaining landscapes with low-impact, environmentally-friendly practices. Our specialty is native plants— the wide range of plants that have grown naturally in Florida for thousands of years. By using natives, we're able to reduce or eliminate harmful practices like chemical spraying and extensive irrigation. With every native Florida plant we use, we're also building habitat and providing food for our local creatures! We've found a way to create beautiful gardens and landscapes while preserving— not displacing— Florida's natural beauty.


Our origin

     We aim to change the way people look at their own landscapes, to build a Florida where yards and gardens full of our own native plants offer refuge for people and wildlife alike. Our dream is that, some day, private landscapes will form chains and corridors for migrating birds and butterflies, reconnecting a Florida that's been cut off from itself, and a society that's cut itself off from nature. That's what we're doing every day: reconnecting you to this amazing place that we call home, and restoring Florida— one yard at a time.