Springer Environmental grew out of a traditional landscaping service as we became more aware of our impact on the natural ecosystems we love.

our mission

     We are committed to building and maintaining landscapes with low-impact, environmentally-friendly practices. Our specialty is native plants— the wide range of plants that have grown naturally in Florida for thousands of years. By using natives, we're able to reduce or eliminate harmful practices like chemical spraying and extensive irrigation. With every native Florida plant we use, we're also building habitat and providing food for our local creatures! We've found a way to create beautiful gardens and landscapes while preserving— not displacing— Florida's natural beauty.


Our origin

     Springer Environmental began as Springer Lawn Care, a lawn company founded by our president Troy Springer when he was just 19 years old. In the early years, it was very much a traditional operation, using the usual equipment, chemicals, and techniques to manage conventional landscapes. While working to suppress weeds and aggressive plants, Troy began to learn about invasive species— many of which were introduced to Florida through the very industry that now fought to control them.

     The impact of the landscaping industry became more and more apparent as our awareness of pollution and other environmental issues grew. This raised an important question: In a period when we're more and more aware of the harm we've inflicted on our ecosystems, what can we do to halt and even repair the damage? And, most importantly for Troy, how can we do that while creating beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces?

     The answer came as an ad placed in a local magazine by the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS). Troy attended his first meeting, and what started as curiosity quickly grew into a passion for native Florida and the plant communities that define it. The first yard to be planted with natives was Troy's own, a patch of orange grove which became the site of a testing ground for growing the Florida flowers, shrubs, and trees that he studied. He poured hours, days, and years of study, field research, and experimentation into a approach that transformed his entire view of landscaping. He joined FNPS, eventually serving a term as president of his local chapter, and got involved in the Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN) where he now serves on the board of directors. That yard with its first patch of native flowers has been transformed from a scrap of old grove to our demo garden, a self-sustaining wildflower meadow that supports a vibrant community of butterflies and songbirds.

     Springer Lawn Care officially rebranded as Springer Environmental Services in 2000. Since then we've created and maintained beautiful landscapes in ways that enhance, rather than replace, natural Florida. Over the years, we've developed a maintenance program that minimizes the use of chemicals and irrigation, focuses on detail for great results, and leaves a healthy habitat for birds, pollinators, and other wildlife.

     We aim to change the way people look at their own landscapes, to build a Florida where yards and gardens full of our own native plants offer refuge for people and wildlife alike. Our dream is that, some day, private landscapes will form chains and corridors for migrating birds and butterflies, reconnecting a Florida that's been cut off from itself, and a society that's cut itself off from nature. That's what we're doing every day: reconnecting you to this amazing place that we call home, and restoring Florida— one yard at a time.